About Ruth:
Ruth is a scholar, teacher and author of two books that compellingly advance the power of love to transform ourselves and our world.  Her intellectual curiosity, personal theology and feminist perspective have long directed her life.  After a stint in the first Peace Corp group, she returned from Africa to attend the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.   After receiving a master’s and doctorate degree in religion, she spent decades teaching religion and women’s studies at  Rutgers University, University of South Florida and other universities.  Ultimately she retired from teaching to pursue her great love of writing and scholarly research. 
Copyright © 2017 by Ruth Whitney, Ph.D., author  ·  All Rights reserved  ·  E-Mail: ruthwhitney@verizon.net
She lives in St. Petersburg FL where she continues her life-long activism with community and national groups promoting social justice.  And she loves travel, discussing politics, religion and much more.

Ruth is available for speaking engagements via email: ruthwhitney@verizon.net
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